Dr. Carolyn Dalgity, Chiropractor

As a chiropractor, my business involves optimizing the joint mobility, biomechanics and functioning of every joint in the body whether it’s a peripheral joint (e.g. ankle) or axial (spine). This involves utilizing a chiropractic “adjustment” to the joint that is “fixated” (not moving) or “subluxated” (misaligned). An adjustment can be manual by implementing a gentle specific thrust or force to the joint involved or using an instrument known as an “Activator”. By adjusting the joint, joint mechanoreceptors and muscle spindles (specialized nerve cells in the muscle fibers) are stimulated which input sensory information into the nervous system. This input can override Nociceptors (pain receptors) within the joint consequently shutting off the pain signals going to the brain. By adjusting the joints, the receptors also “drive” the brain. That is, more signals are inputted into the nervous system to activate the parts of the brain via the I a afferents from the joint mechanoreceptors and muscle spindles. These afferent signals are the fastest sensory signals in the nervous system.

Consequently the autonomic nervous system (under involuntary control) – controlling our breathing, digestion, heart rate, blood pressure, sweating, etc can be influenced by chiropractic adjustments. My technique involves a combination of the different modalities I practice, according to the patients needs.