Dr. Carolyn Dalgity and CrusaderDr. Carolyn Dalgity graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto in 1983.  Prior to that she completed an Honours B.A. in Physical Education at the University of Western Ontario with minors in Science and Social Science.

A chance encounter with a chiropractor in Waterloo set her on her way to becoming a chiropractor.  After having her application for C.M.C.C. approved, she had an interview at the college with Dr. Herb Lee, D.C..  Dr. Lee stated that since this was her first application, she might not be chosen for admittance as there were many applicants from Ontario that applied several years before finally being accepted.  Upon hearing that her response was “I know I belong here.  I’ve never felt more right about anything!”  Dr. Lee visibly rocked back on his heels and she was accepted into C.M.C.C. on her first application.   www.cmcc.ca

After graduating Dr. Dalgity was an associate of Dr. Ian Judge for seven years learning more about the power of chiropractic from an established London chiropractor.  In 1990 she branched out on her own into her current location.

Her interests in helping people recover from various health problems lead her to study TBM (Total Body Modification) with Dr. Victor Frank, NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) with Dr. Scott Walker, Trigenics with Dr. Allan Oolo Austin, Clinical Neurology with Dr. Ken Erickson, Low Back Disorders with Dr. Stuart McGill and PRRT (Primal Reflex Release Technique) with John Iams.